The Santa Fe Opera Spotlight Series 2019 with Oliver Prezant

Join conductor Oliver Prezant for the Santa Fe Opera’s Spotlight Series – five fun, informative talks presented in Santa Fe and Albuquerque on the Santa Fe Opera’s 2019 season.  Each presentation begins with a preview of one of the five productions of the upcoming season, and each looks at a variety of operas through the lens of a single topic.  Whether you’re a newcomer or an aficionado, these engaging, accessible presentations will increase your enjoyment and understanding of opera and enrich your experience in Santa Fe this summer.

The Thirteenth Child, by Poul Ruders
Fairytale Operas:  The Grimm Reality
Somewhere in memory, somewhere between the mythology of the ancient world and our current fascination with super-heroes, vampires, and wizards, the supernatural glow of childhood fairytales illumines our collective consciousness.  We’ll explore the world premiere of Poul Ruders’ The Thirteenth Child as we get to know the composer and his music, and look at aspects of other fairytale operas.

Sunday June 9th, 2:00 PM – Albuquerque, Las Puertas Event Center

Free to the Public