Monica Paz Tango Workshop

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Monica Paz Tango
Tango philosophy:  After more than 20 years dancing and learning with milongueros in Buenos Aires, Monica teaches tango contemplating Tango as a culture and tradition.  She considers to Milongueros as a nexus between Tango in the Golden Age and nowadays.  For Milongueros and for her, Tango is more than a fashionable dance.

If you are looking for deep knowledge of tango to improve your connection with the partner and music and smoothness and elegance in your dance, you shouldn’t miss her class.


Technique For All:  Get the most of your dance improving your technique.
As a leader, make your lead more efficient.
As a follower, become a dancer who follows and not just a follower.

Musicality Everywhere – Four Workshops:
In these workshops, the challenge is to achieve how to express the music in every single movement.
1.  A “simple” movement is turned into a sophisticated one.
2.  Dissociation is not only a skill, but it is also a tool that opens up many different possibilities.
3.  Surprise yourself making that same familiar step fell and look completely different.
4.  The mechanics of the step is now history: it is time for interpreting!

“If the dance is right, there shouldn’t be a single superfluous movement”.  Fred Astaire.

The four musicality workshops are connected to one another.  The first workshop, “Technique for All,” is the introduction to the following four.

Monica Paz Tango Workshop Flyer