Pablo Rodriguez & Eva Garlez Workshop

Join us the weekend of March 6th – 8th for a workshop with this fun and talented couple!  They are among the leading young couples specializing in Tango Milonguero in the world today.


Friday (@ Las Puertas)
7:00pm to 8:30pm – Circulation
Tools for developing a good circulation and utilization of the dance floor

Saturday (@ Studio Roma)
1:00pm to 2:30pm – Play with the Rhythm
Have fun with the basic steps through the rhythm
3:00pm to 4:30pm – Caminatas and their Variations of Speed
Techniques to develop a good transmission of the body movement

8:00pm to Midnight – Milonga de Las Puertas with a special performance by Pablo & Eva

Sunday (@ Studio Roma)
1:00pm to 2:30pm – Milonga Lisa y Traspie
Combinations of steps with/without traspie
3:00pm to 4:30pm – Direction Changes
Direction Changes gives you the change to start dancing in a crowded dance floor without losing the fun

Full weekend which is all 5 classes + Milonga is $100 per person, $150 per couple. Drop in is $25 per person per class  Pablo & Eva Workshop Registration Form

Private Lessons are $90 for one, $250 for three. Please contact Darcy at 505-244-0290 or [email protected] to schedule.


Weekend Pass Options


Special Friday Night Milonga with Alejandro Ziegler Cuarteto

Las Puertas presents a Weekend of Tango beginning Friday night, October 17th!

We are once again hosting The Alejandro Ziegler Cuarteto for a special Friday Night Milonga where the Cuarteto will perform live for your listening and dancing pleasure along with DJ Michelle McRuiz!

2014, 3rd northamerican tour

To make this a true Tango Weekend, we are also presenting a 3 day Workshop with Adela Galleazzi directly from Buenos Aires!  Her workshop begins Friday night before our Special Milonga and we are offering special pricing if you would like to attend both her Friday night class and our Speical Milonga.

Adela Galleazzi

Adela’s Class “Embrace & Walk” begins at 7:30pm and goes to 8:30pm.  Our Special Milonga with the Alejandro Ziegler Cuarteto performing along with DJ Michelle McRuiz will then begin at 8:30pm with the Cuarteto performing from 9:30pm to 11:30pm and the Milonga will go until 12:30am.

You can reserve ahead of time by filling out the attached flyer to pay with either a credit card or check and sending in, contacting Darcy at 505-244-0290 or [email protected], or via PayPal below.  Space is limited so reserving ahead of time is strongly recommended!


Alejandro Ziegler Cuarteto Night


Workshop with Marcelo Varela & Analia Vega

Marcelo and Analia are returning to Albuquerque for a Summer Workshop titled “More Fundamentals and Musicality”.

Las Puertas_edited-2 Marcelo Varela and Analia Vega are considered among the best professional tango dancers and teachers from Buenos Aires.  Their tango style reveals the mastery of the improvisation matching the expression of the music.  They have a great career and have given exhibitions and workshops at major Tango Festivals throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Argentina.

The workshop and private lessons will be held at Studio Roma which is located at 1508 Roma NW (Southwest corner of 15th St and Roma NW).  Marcelo & Analia will be available for private lessons from Wednesday, June 25th through Sunday, June 29th and Wednesday, July 2nd through Friday, July 4th.  One person is $100 per lesson or three lessons for $260.  A couple is $140 per lesson or three lessons for $380.  To schedule private lessons, please contact Darcy at [email protected] or 505-244-0290.


Thursday, June 26th ($10.00 per person)
8:00pm – 10:00pm   Guided practica which will include a Chacarera class & personal assessments

Friday, June 27th
7:00pm – 8:30pm      Embrace and Walk I
8:30pm – 10:00pm    Embrace and Walk II

Saturday, June 28th
12:00pm – 2:00pm    Milonga I
2:15pm – 4:15pm      Milonga II

8:00pm – Midnight
Milonga de Las Puertas with DJ John Dunbar
Featuring special performance by Analia and Marcelo

Sunday, June 29th
12:00pm – 2:00pm    Musical nterpretation I
2:15pm – 4:15 pm     Musical Interpretation II

Full workshop price which includes Thursday night and the milonga Saturday night is $100.00 per person and pre-registration is recommended.  Price per class is $20.00 per person @ the door (Friday thru Sunday)

You can mail in the registration form with your check, fax it to 505-244-0298 if paying with a credit card or pay via PayPal below.

Registration Form Marcelo & Analia June 2014


Daniel Trenner & Agape Pappas Tango Workshop

A weekend workshop presented by the Tango Club of Albuquerque.

Albuquerque was one of the many places Daniel Trenner planted the seeds of Argentine Tango in the 1990’s.  The Tango Club of Albuquerque invites you to meet and learn from the “Johnny Appleseed of Tango.” It makes no difference what your level of expertise is in Argentine Tango, this weekend workshop will be a real eye-opener.

Download the flyer and mail-in registration form.
Online workshop payments.

Friday, May 9th – 7:30 – 9:00 PM
“Tango from Zero” – All Levels

Daniel’s Introduction to Tango Dancing for Absolute Beginners is famous for being delightful and making dancing possible for even the most doubtful beginners.  No partner needed.  A perfect experience for people new to Tango.  Complete novices welcome.

For experienced dancers, learn the teaching methods that will make you a good ambassador for tango.  This is the class that gave Daniel his nickname of “The Johnny Appleseed of Tango” and inspired the people that built many of the tango communities in the US and Europe that are still thriving today.  See how Daniel gets people excited about learning tango without teaching the eight count basic.

Friday, May 9th9:00 – 11:00 PM
Demo & Practice – All Levels

Demo dance by Daniel and Agape followed by time to practice what you have learned and ask questions (called a “practica” in Argentine Tango).

Saturday, May 10th1:30 – 2:30 PM
“Tango Foundations for Everyone” – All Levels

Tango through the lens of its “Default Vocabulary.”  We begin with Basic Movements, and Lead and Follow, the hardest part of Tango.  Ease and efficiency with this material underlie all the complexity that follows.  We will proceed to fundamentals of Tango’s technique (Follower’s Mind) and architecture (Leader’s Mind).  The union of two “voices,” lead-follow, male-female, yin-yang, often referred to as “connection,” the “holy grail” of a social dancer’s search.  In the golden years of tango (1940-50) in Buenos Aires, these roles were aligned in society and the dance.  In modern times they are no longer.  In this class we will explore the traditional roles with a modern attitude.  Be prepared to challenge yourself to empathize with the other by embodying their role as well as your own.  This class will set the stage for all of Daniel’s classes.

Saturday, May 10th3:00 – 4:30 PM
Exploring the Close Embrace Style of Pedro “Tete” Rusconi & Maria Villalobos.
Part 1: The Embrace  – All Levels
(Prerequisite for Part 2 on Sunday)

The different styles of close embrace and how to make the adjustment to any dancer, for leads and follows.

Tete and Maria appeared in Tango’s revival in the late 1980’s and ignited the Young Generation’s interest in dancing in close frame.  Tete went on to greater fame with his later partner, Silvia Ceriani, but it was the style he developed with Maria that was the foundation for all the success that followed.  Maria is never given the credit she deserves for developing their unique take on this intimate and social form of the 1950s… Daniel was one of their first intensive students, and worked closely with them both throughout the 1990’s.  The classes: Squares and Spirals.  An in depth investigation of the Argentine “Close Embrace” style and its variations.

Sunday, May 11th1:00 – 2:30 PM
Exploring the Close Embrace Style of Pedro “Tete” Rusconi and Maria Villalobos.
Part 2: The Vocabulary  – Intermediate/Advanced

Followers technical adjustments.  Leaders geometry.  Spiral turns.  How to make the most of close embrace simplicity.

Sunday, May 11th – 3:00 – 4:30 PM
Multimedia Presentation and Lecture – All Levels

Comparing the History and Mythology of Tango.
Tango’s Roots, its emergence in Argentine Culture, its European travels, and the Golden Years.